Errlectric® SlowFlow™ Cap

$ 64.99

Brand Errlectric®

Errlectric® SlowFlow™ Cap

The SlowFlow™ Cap fits all Errlectric® Full Quartz Nails and other quartz "banger style" nails for simultaneous application and capping for low-temp vaporization!

A slanted titanium cap seals against the angled top of quartz nails. A borosilicate concentrate tool with a solid pointed tip passes through the cap with a carefully sized air slit above the tip. The location of the air slit allows air to enter the bottom of the quartz dish from the center of the borosilicate tube. Modulate air flow at the end of the tube with your finger.

The restricted flow of air reduces the pressure and boiling point allowing for lower temperature and higher flavor vaporization of oils.

  • Grade 2 titanium angled cap (Made in USA) Titanium Material Certification
  • Borosilicate air tube with pointed tip (Made in USA)
  • Modulate air flow with tip of finger on end of tube (fire polished.)
  • Maria (ring) on glass tube keeps cap in the ideal location above the tip.
  • Flat side on titanium cap prevents rolling, for resting on flat surfaces.

Made in U.S.A. with the highest quality materials and finest workmanship.

Titanium Cap Available in Five Colors!

  • Plain Titanium
  • Dark Blue/Violet
  • Light Blue
  • Gold
  • Pink

Colors are approximate and may contain some imperfections. Anodizing is performed in-house with standard titanium anodizing processes that are completely non-toxic. Anodizing occurs naturally when heating titanium; we use electricity to accomplish the same phenomenon.