Errlectric® MobilEnail®

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Brand Errlectric®

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Put the Power in Your Pocket!

Errlectric® MobilEnail® allows the standard e-nail experience anywhere on the go! Incredible performance from a portable unit that is extremely compact in size; the MobilEnail® is revolutionary and allows un-teathered vaporizing anywhere you want to go. Exceptionally long run time of 2-3 hours on battery (depending on temperature setting and conditions; average 2 hours @ 600°F.) MobilEnail® can be charged with the included wall charger or a USB cable and can be used at the same time it is charging! Charge time varies from 1-4 hours depending on current charge. MobilEnail® also includes two USB power ports for charging other devices such as mobile phones.

Includes a Complete System

Heater Coil & Nail Options:

Errlectric Domeless Titanium Nail
The standard nail option with excellent high and low temperature capabilities. The standard titanium domeless nail is ideal for every day use with large dish capacity, high flow and quick temperature recovery.
Use with a VortexCap™ for the best possible performance.
Quartz Nail Insert is also available for the titanium nail.
Errlectric Full Quartz Nail (FQN)
Unique flavor profiles are delicately preserved with a full quartz vaporizaition surface and air pathway. The Errlectric® FQN features a unique design with a solid titanium "heating core" below the quartz nail which provides far more efficient heating of the quartz bucket than other enails. Our careful design and tolrance controls means that it is not necessary to remove the heater from the quartz.
Use with a SlowFlow™ Cap for the best possible performance.
Errlectric Dry Herb Nail™
The Herb Nail™ delivers distinct flavor profiles due to a patent pending even heat "vortex" vaporizing technology. Herbs placed into the borosilicate glass chamber are suspended by a titanium wire screen. A titanium-core heater head is placed on top of the chamber and air is drawn through spiral passages in the heater head. The herbs in the chamber are heated in a swirling vortex of hot air for even vaporization. The top of the heater features a concentrate vaporization dish allowing the Herb Nail™ to be used for concentrated oils simultaneously with dry herb, and is also compatible with the VortexCap™.
Dry Herb Nail Instruction Sheet
Errlectric InfinityCoil
For use with Highly Educated® INFINITi® style nails. Threaded titanium heater core installs on the HE stem and provides contact heating to the standard HE dish options. Will not work with non-athentic nails; HE nail not included.

Features & Technology:


Designed from the ground-up to be the best.
Following in Errlectric®'s tradition of producing custom-designed, purpose built products, the MobilEnail® is a completely new, portable enail with custom designed high capacity, compact battery pack. The batteries are UNDOT approved and have several safety mechanisms to assure they operate for years without problems.
Errlectric Programmable Temperature
Easy adjustment of the temperature set point from 0 to 750°F (0-400°C) in 10 degree increments. The set point is saved in memory even when the power is removed, and units of °C or °F can be chosen for the set point and temperature display.

Soft-Heat Technology
Soft-Heat™ regulates the heater coil power to prevent it from ever glowing red and reaching excessive temperatures. Soft-HeatTM technology significantly prolongs the life of the heater coil and prevents damage and discoloration of the titanium from excessive temperatures. This intelligent feature is one reason why we can be confident offering a warranty that is superior to our competitors'.

Errlectric Full Color LCD Display
The LCD displays temperature and a real-time bar graph of power being used to heat the nail, current battery life and other information. Different colors alert the user to various status'. Easy to use menu allows quick and easy adjustments.

Digital Electronics

  • Self-diagnostics & warning messages
  • Heater power display shows heater "throttle"
  • Multi-press mode for power-on can be enabled or disabled
Errlectric "Bent Neck" Coil
The Errlectric® trade-mark "bent-neck" heater-coil is an Errlectric® inovation that reduces stress on your glass joints and prevents tipping.
Errlectric Made in U.S.A.
Designed and built in a U.S. factory, Errlectric® MobilEnail® features a full, manufacturer direct 2-year warranty. Thank you for supporting a U.S. business and employees!