Errlectric® FQN Full Quartz Nail 14mm 90°

$ 169.00

Brand Errlectric®

Errlectric® FQN Full Quartz Nail

High quality full quartz vaporizer nail for Errlectric® Concentration Station™. Designed for use with the Errlectric® FQN Bucket heater or for use with standard torches. Features a "perch-rod" for supporting the Errlectric® heater. Use with Errlectric® hi-temp silicone retaining bands to secure the heater to the quartz.

Worked from Momentive® GE214 fused quartz by one of the most respected scientific glass manufacturers in the United States of America.

  • 14mm male ground joint
  • 16mm dish outer diameter
  • 2mm dish wall thickness
  • Pure GE214 Fused Quartz
  • Made in U.S.A.

Quartz Material Safety Data Sheet (.pdf)
Quartz Certificate of Compliance (.jpg)