Errlectric® Dry Herb Vaporizer Nail

$ 279.99

Brand Errlectric®

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Errlectric® Herb Nail™

Vapor Straight from the Source

The Errlectric® Herb Nail™ is a dry-herb vaporizer made to work with the Errlectric® Concentration Station™ and standard glass mouth pieces.

  • Grade 2 Titanium Heater Insert/Vaporizing Dish (Made in USA)
  • Borosilicate Glass Vaporizer Chamber with 14mm male joint (Made in USA)
  • Grade 2 Titanium wire mesh screen (Made in USA)
  • Stainless Steel Heater Stand (Made in USA)
  • Heater plugs into standard Errlectric® Concentration Station™

The Herb Nail™ delivers distinct flavor profiles due to a patent pending even heat "vortex" vaporizing technology. Herbs placed into the borosilicate glass chamber are suspended by a titanium wire screen. A titanium-core heater head is placed on top of the chamber and air is drawn through spiral passages in the heater head. The herbs in the chamber are heated in a swirling vortex of hot air for even vaporization. The top of the heater features a concentrate vaporization dish allowing the Herb Nail™ to be used for concentrated oils simultaneously with dry herb, and is also compatible with the VortexCap™. A handle on the chamber allows herbs to be easily discarded once spent. The heater head and glass chamber interface via a standard tapered ground joint.

Coil Voltage

120V Coils have Black Connection
240V Coils have Orange/Red Connection

Connector Type

connectors are for models with serial number 151334 and lower.
4-Pin connectors are for new models with serial number 151335 and up.
Both 4-pin and 5-pin connectors are fully grounded.


Note: Warranty is valid only when used with an Errlectric® Concentration Station™.