Errlectric® Hi-Temp Silicone Bands for FQN

$ 5.00

Brand Errlectric®

Errlectric® Hi-Temp Silicone Band for FQN

High temperature silicone band with stainless steel hooks for retianing the heater on the full quartz nail.

New improved design uses thicker bands for more strength, and metal hooks that easily grasp firmly onto the heater neck.

Clip one metal hook around the heater neck, wrap the silicone band around the nail stem (keep below the perch rod) and clip the other hook around the neck securing the heater to the quartz.

  • 1 Set, pre-assembled
  • Orange High-Temperature Silicone
  • Stainless Steel Hooks

Silicone band will not melt even after long periods under high heat.