Norcal High Times Cannabis Cup - Recap 2014

We spent last weekend in Santa Rosa, CA at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

We spent some time meeting with vendors before the expo started and grabbed some frames as the event opened to the general public.

The second day of the event was even hotter than the first, so we hosted a small gathering at our hotel room with the A/C on max.  Fully tuned up, we set out for the second day of the event.

The second day ended with the awards ceremony, congratulations to all the winners!

Results of the 2014 Medical Cannabis Cup San Francisco 

1st Place - Cracker Jack - Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals
2nd Place - Silver Haze - MedMar Healing Center
3rd Place - Tangerine Haze - Heirloom Genetics

1st Place - Chem Scout - IC Collective
2nd Place - Paris OG - California Naturals
3rd Place - XXX OG Kush - Life Is Good Healing

1st Place - Thin Mint Cookies - Gold Coast Collection
2nd Place - Kush Company OG Kush - Wellness Earth Energy Dispensary - W.E.E.D Studio City
3rd Place - Deathstar - San Jose Patients Group

1st Place - Hell Raiser OG - TLC Collective / Gold Coast Extracts, Los Angeles
2nd Place - XJ-13 Lemonhead - Alternative Herbal Health Services / Prime Extractions
3rd Place - J-1 - Nectar's

1st Place - Artisanal Cannabis Macarons - Madame Munchie, San Francisco
2nd Place - Hazelnug & Grub - Organicares Collective
3rd Place - Jambo - Jambo Direct

Non-Solvent Hash

1st Place - Kottonmouth Kush x Strawberry Cough Ice Water Hash - Medibrothers, Washington
2nd Place - HGH Extractions Goji OG Solventless - Delta Health Center, San Jose
3rd Place - BAMF Private Reserve Cookies - BAMF Extractions, Los Angeles

Medical Topical
Fire & Ice - Eden's Elixirs

CBD Award
Flowers - Great White - Alpha Medic
Edibles - Medibrothers and MTG Medi-Chew High CBD - Medibrothers & MTG Seeds
Concentrates - Charlotte's Web - P.E.A.C.E. Plant Essentials And Cannabis Extracts

Best Booth
1st Place - Vader Extracts
2nd Place - CLOUD PENZ
3rd Place - Nexus Glass

Best Products

2nd Place - Oil Slick by Oil Slick
3rd Place - Cloud V by Cloud V

Best Glass
1st Place - Hitman x Mr. Gray Torch by Hitman Glass
2nd Place - Nexus Glass by Nexus Glass
3rd Place - Pulse Glass by Pulse Glass





July 01, 2014 by Cannoisseur OG
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